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February 2017

A Letter from Our Friends at MSS Cleaning

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I’m Andrew, president of MSS Cleaning, and a friend of Chris at Alpine Maids. MSS Cleaning is a locally owned carpet cleaning business based in Lakewood, CO. Carpets are our expertise, but we receive many inquiries about home cleaning services. Alpine Maids happen to receive many carpet cleaning inquiries that are better suited for our truck-mounted carpet cleaning tools. As a result, Alpine Maids and MSS Cleaning frequently refer customers to one another when our customers need something other than the services our respective companies provide. Alpine Maids provides superb home cleaning services, and MSS Cleaning offers powerful carpet cleaning solutions. We’ve always had stellar feedback from the customers we have referred to Alpine Maids.

When it comes to cleaning carpets, it’s important to have a periodic deep cleaning and maintenance performed using truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment. This will prolong the look and life of your carpet while also reducing or eliminating any bad odors contained within it.

Here’s a few more detailed reasons why professional carpet cleaning makes sense:

  1. While a vacuum cleaner does a good job of picking up general dirt and dust, over time, dirt, mud, odors etc. can accumulate that a vacuum cleaner just can’t fully remove.
  2. Carpet stains, whether they are from mud, grease, food/drink, and especially pets can be hard to remove. The color or odor often remains without a deep carpet cleaning, such as what MSS Cleaning provides. We also have spotting kits and IICRC certified technicians with the right know-how to get spots and stains out.
  3. We fully rinse your carpets with a method known as “hot water extraction”, also commonly referred to as “steam cleaning”. Using powerful truck-mounted equipment, this service applies hot water and solution to your carpet at high pressure. The water is then vacuumed up and responsibly disposed of – the result is a complete rinse of the carpet with fast dry times. You’ll be shocked at both the visual improvement and the general odor improvements following the service.
  4. Carpet acts as a large “filter” in your home – trapping dust, allergens, pet dander, dirt and more. “low moisture” cleaners don’t clean deep into your carpet fiber and down to the pad. They only clean the surface of the carpet. This offers a visual improvement, but doesn’t remove clean deep into the carpet, as hot water extraction does.
  5. Dirt is an abrasive (think sand paper) that over time gets ground into carpet by walking on it. This damages the carpet fibers and reduces the lifespan of your carpet and also damages it’s visual appearance. Periodically removing this abrasive is important to keep your carpet looking is best for as long as possible.
  6. Over time, carpet can stretch or buckle, resulting in an unsightly appearance. Additionally, burns, pet damage, or tears in the carpet can also be unattractive. We can stretch, patch and repair any of these problems for you in addition to providing the best carpet cleaning around.

When used in conjunction with the excellent maid services provided by Alpine Maids, MSS Cleaning’s professional carpet cleaning will bring an added level of cleanliness to your carpets at your home or business. We’d be happy to be your Lakewood or Denver carpet cleaning resource. Expert advice and professional estimates are always free.

Please reach out to me at if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to help!

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