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6 Things That Should Be Cleaned WAY More Often!

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We don’t always sanitize the things that we should be. Not because we don’t care, but we simply don’t think of them! There are germ filled things that surround us on a daily basis that lead to illness. Get your disinfectant ready (there are many eco-friendly options as well)!

Here are 6 things that should be cleaned way more often!


  1. Shared Computers

Even if it’s only used occasionally by a couple people in the home, it’s important to wipe it down before each use with an alcohol-based towel (They make special ones for electronics). The keyboard and mouse are in direct contact with hands and fingers that are full of germs, and then you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. This can pass around illness throughout the home.

2. A Refrigerator Door

Once a week at least, or daily if you someone in the house or workplace is sick, wipe down the entire surface of it with a disinfectant wipe. Make sure that you get into all of the nooks and crannies! These get a lot of action throughout the day, and can even have bits of food on them, ultimately feeding the bacteria and virus.


3. The inside of the car

You don’t always think to the inside of the car when you think about cleaning your car. You should run a disinfectant along your dashboard and cup holders weekly. This is where germs accumulate because of the heater or AC blowing them there, and the food residue lining the cup holders. (If you have a child’s car seat make sure you wipe that down too)


    4. Remote Controls

We have all heard the stories about how gross hotel remotes are, but even the ones in ours home are germ filled as well. This is actually one of the grimiest surfaces in the home. Everyone in the home touches it all the time even sometimes when eating. This causes the remote to be full of bacteria and virus growth. This is something that should be wiped on at least once a week, if not every day!

   5. Your purse

This was one I didn’t think of right away! Your purse sees store counters, car floors, and even restroom floors that are full of germs! You are also constantly touching the handle and strap which picks up bacteria as well. The purse then comes into the house and spreads the germs inside. Spray or wipe your purse down daily. Use a fabric-safe sanitizing spray and paper towel. Hang it on a hook and let dry.

6.Your cell phone

This one is begging for a weekly cleaning! It is handled all day long by germy, food filled hands that bacteria thrives on! Cleaning with an alcohol-based cleaner is meant for digital devices.

These are some of the things that we have been neglecting! I know I won’t be forgetting these items anymore. It’s important for not only for your health, but for the health of your family and friends as well! Happy cleaning!

8 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Clean Up

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Let’s face it, children are fantastic at making messes and not very good at cleaning them up! They bounce from one activity to the next! The trail of toys they’ve left behind doesn’t bother them especially when they know we are right behind them carefully putting each thrown object back in its home! It needs to stop. We are responsible for guiding them through life, teaching them right from wrong, and showing them how to be responsible for cleaning up their belongings!


Here are 8 tips to help our kids take responsibility for their messes:


1) Resetting The Rules:

Sometimes we all need a reboot. Explain to your children that you have made some new rules about cleaning up. Let them know that you are telling them this so they understand the decision and the consequences that go along with it. “When you are finished playing with something, it is very important to put it away where it belongs. I will remind you one time to put it away, and it doesn’t end up back in it’s home, it’s mine for a week.” MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THROUGH! If you tell them the new rules and let them get away with not listening they will not take you seriously!


2) No new toys can be taken out until the last activity is COMPLETELY put away:

Give them a little reminder if they try and sneak away without cleaning up, but no not clean up the mess for them. This will teach them if they whine and complain long enough that you will just do it for them. They will never learn responsibility that way. Tell them that you understand that they would rather not clean up. By letting them know this it will make them accept that it must get done.


3) Avoid turning on “mom and dad TV”

We’ve all been desperate and used this one! These shows are typically drama filled and can contribute to the misbehavior at hand. It just fuels their resistance.


4) Whenever possible, make cleanup fun:

Most children will be much more willing to participate in game. So make it fun! Like “Who can clean up the most toys before the timer goes off. Or time them and see how fast they can do it!”

5) Add energizing music to the mix:

Again, add a little fun and goofiness to the cleanup routine! “Can you put all your dolls away before the song is over?” This will help your kids stop fighting you on cleaning and instead motivate them to clean because to them this seems like a game!


6) Show them a positive and cheerful attitude when you are cleaning:

If you are constantly complaining about the cleaning in your house, this will eventually rub off on your children! They will see cleaning as something that should be avoided at all cost! That will lead to one tough job convincing them that cleaning their room isn’t that bad!


7) Don’t start your request with, “ I need you to…”

Don’t come across as needy! Speak to them with confidence. Don’t ask them at the end of your request with an “ok” this is symbolizing that they have an option about what they are suppose to be doing.


8) Break down the large jobs into smaller steps:

Don’t give them too big of a job, break it down into increments that are manageable for them! Have them start by cleaning up all the toys that are a particular color, size, or category! This will teach them that they can tackle a large project in smaller steps. This is a life lesson for many parts of life.

Taking these simple steps with your children will really change clean up time in your house while teaching them life lessons. We can all use a little change when it comes to our tactics of motivating our kids in a manner that is great for them, and in the long run a game changer for you!

Ten Ways To Clean Your Carpet Naturally!

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It’s not so bad.

You can easily and effectively combat spots, stains, odors, and more with green carpet cleaners! Here are a few tips to help cleaning.


They don’t have scary toxic and harmful chemicals like their conventional counterparts do, so you won’t feel like you’re treading on chemicals instead of your carpet. In addition to some do-it-yourself techniques, which use things such as distilled white vinegar, baking soda, and castile soap, why not try these ready-made, earth-friendly, and safe…MORE


Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

This old-time favorite is a fantastic, all-natural green cleaner that you can use to easily clean and deodorize your carpets. Simply shake it on, let it sit for as long as you like, and thoroughly vacuum it away! Learn how to make your own naturally scented baking soda cleaner in “Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Lavender Rug & Carpet Freshener.”


Begley’s Household Stain & Odor Remover

Leave it to Ed Begley, Jr., actor, author, and environmentalist, for putting together this non-toxic, natural cleaner containing an uplifting medley of aromatherapeutic essential oils, enzymes, and plant-based, sustainable ingredients that will clean not only carpets and upholstery but hard surfaces, too! Use it confidently to remove tough pet stains, smoke odors, and more.


Better Life Natural Stain & Odor Eliminator

Combat pet “oops! moments,” nasty food stains, and horrendous odors with this effective and powerful botanical deodorizer that can be used on carpet, laundry, sports gear, furniture, and more! It’s also effective at removing tough stains like blood.


Biokleen Carpet & Rug Shampoo

This plant-based cleaner with enzymes powers through dirt on your carpets, but yet is gentle on carpet pads and backings and won’t leave any harsh residues behind. It can be used in any type of carpet cleaner for an eco-clean carpet! Because it’s 3x concentrated, it reduces wasteful packaging and saves valuable resources like energy and fuel.


Citra Solv Natural Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate

This eco-friendly concentrate with an uplifting lavender-bergamot scent is great for adding to carpet cleaning machines as a “shampoo” when you need to thoroughly clean your carpets and cut through grime, oil, dirt, and more! It’s also great on upholstery and has many other uses as well. Plus, it’s available in many different sizes.


Earth Friendly Products Concentrated Carpet Shampoo

Tred more gently on the earth, but don’t worry about being too hard on your carpets because this ecologically sound cleaner with bergamot and sage scent contains powerful plant-based, replenishable ingredients that will remove the toughest dirt, grime, and odors! It’s intended for use in hot or cold water extraction machines with enough product to clean up to 8 rooms in your home.


Martha Stewart Clean Carpet Stain Remover

Why not let Martha lend you a hand with cleaning your carpets? Her all-natural, biodegradable cleaner is 99+% plant- and mineral-based with no synthetic additives of any kind. The hydrogen peroxide in the formula gently acts as a safe agent to lighten stains. Plus, it has four third-party product certifications, including the U.S. EPA’s “Design for the Environment Program” and Leaping Bunny, so feel rest assured it’s gone through plenty of scrutiny!


Matt by Eco-Me Natural Carpet Freshener

Get some help from a new friend, Matt from Eco-Me, with freshening your carpets in an environmentally friendly way! Simply sprinkle this completely all-natural cleaner that is Leaping Bunny certified onto your carpet and later vacuum it up. It’s great for pet beds, too! The cornstarch in the formula absorbs any lingering dampness; the essential oils combat bacteria and the baking soda absorbs odors.


Naturally It’s Clean Carpet Spot-Treat

Obtain super clean carpets, naturally, with this lemon-scented, plant- and enzyme-based cleaning formula that helps break down any oils, dirt, food substances, or odors that may be lurking in your carpet. It’s also great for cleaning up pet messes and even getting rid of things like rust stains! And since it eliminates stains and doesn’t “cover” them up, it leaves your rugs and carpets fresh smelling.


Simple Green Naturals Carpet Care

Cleaning your rugs is a simple and green affair when you spray them with this earth-friendly cleaner. It works on colorfast upholstery and fabrics, too! It’s 100% naturally sourced, biodegradable formula, which is Green Seal certified, contains plant-based ingredients, minerals, and a non-chlorine oxidizing agent that breaks down and oxidizes proteins.

I hope these tips are as  helpful for you as they were for me! Good luck cleaning!

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