Get Your Closet Ready for Autumn with These Storage Tips

By September 27, 2018Alpine Lifestyle
Get Your Closet Ready for Autumn with These Storage Tips

Summer is over. As the season’s change, so do your storage needs. And with fall arriving, a lot of your summer equipment and clothes becomes idle. Instead of cramming your things into tight spaces and limiting space in your home, you can store them properly.

If you want to start organizing and storing, keep on reading!

Here are storage tips on how to organize seasonal clothes!

Summer Clothing

Being able to open your closet, or even your bedroom wardrobe, knowing that you are only going to find pieces of clothing that you will use during fall makes getting ready in the morning and looking for outfits much more comfortable.

Clothing racks are also an inexpensive and customizable option that will allow you easy access to your clothing year round. Most of these are on wheels, and the slender profile will allow you to fit quite a few into your closet or room. Clothing storage bags paired with either the wardrobe box or clothing rack make a great home away from home closet.

The best way to organize clothes in closet is that you may want to pick up a couple of wardrobe boxes. Putting these boxes in small storage space will leave you with more space in the living area. Pack clothing away in plastic bins or containers to avoid damage from moisture or bugs.

Gardening Tools

Most people are getting ready to put away the gardening accessories for another year, and bring out the winter hardware (snow blower, shovel, salter, etc.).

If you don’t have enough room for everything in your garage or tool shed, why not consider putting these tools into self-storage over winter. You can take them out the following spring, and have easier access to the things you do need in the fall and winter.

Patio Furniture

Sadly, the start of fall and winter means that you are going to be spending less time on your patio. The dinners and breakfasts outside were fun all summer, but all good things must come to an end, and everything must be put away for another year.

If your furniture is in need of added protection, covers are excellent even if you want to store them in a garage or shed.  Covers come in a wide variety of weights and sizes, depending on whether you will be storing items outside or under cover.

Pick a Good Spot

Store bins and bags in a crisp, dark, dry, and ventilated area—perhaps under a bed or in a guest room. Is the basement your only option? Add silica-gel packets to the bins, use a dehumidifier to absorb moisture, and place bricks under the containers to keep them off the floor. Avoid the attic. High temperatures can cause fibers to become brittle.

Keep Pests Away

Drop cedar blocks, balls, or sachets into the storage containers, and slip cedar rings on hangers. Insects like moths can damage your clothes over the winter. Toward them away, you should use cedar and it won’t leave any unwanted smell behind and you can refresh its scent by sanding it lightly every 6 to 12 months. You can also fill the sachets with lavender because bugs hate its scent. 

There you have it! Storage tips for the fall that will surely save extra space in your home. Another way to prepare your home this fall is by hiring a professional house cleaning service. Leave the cleaning to them!

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