9 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe in Winter

By December 3, 2018Cleaning Tips
9 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe in Winter

Winter is coming. It’s the season you either love — or love to hate — and it is in full swing. Whether you’re out and about with your kids braving the elements, or getting cozy at home, don’t let this cold-weather fun snowball into a safety precautions during winter season.

Here are ten ways your kids should learn on how to protect from cold in winter

1. Maintain a sunny disposition.

Although the season’s frigid temps shouldn’t fool you, snow reflects more than 75% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Even if it’s winter, you shouldn’t stow away the sunscreen, so use it to protect your kids’ faces when they go out to play.

2. Keep snug like a bug, but not too snug.

Winter gear should fit your kids properly, but it shouldn’t be so tight that it limits movement. This tip is particularly true for footwear. If you’re wearing too-tight boots, it constricts blood flow, which causes your feet to become even colder. When sizing winter shoes, you should allow room for an extra pair of socks.

3. Be wise about clothing options.

When sending your kids off to school or out to play, you should make sure they’re dressed warmly in layers that are water- and windproof. If possible, choose wool instead of cotton. This flexible and durable material is an excellent insulator that will help keep kids warmer and drier than cotton.

4. Get around safe and sound.

When you’re driving in winter, it can be dangerous, so make sure you’re ready for any dangerous situation. Prepare your car for such emergencies by storing the following necessities in your trunk: a first-aid kit, blankets,  rock salt, shovel, ice scraper, water, and non-perishable snacks.

5. Practice safety when playing winter sports.

Always oversee your child’s winter exercises. Ice skating should only be done on ice that has reached a proper examination. Sledding tracks shouldn’t be too crowded or too close to any roadways. The safest and reliable sleds are those that allow for steering, so avoid disk-shaped saucers or snow tubes. Your little ones may want to try snowboarding or skiing, so consider getting lessons from a professional instructor. While you’re out on the slopes, you and your kids should always wear gloves and helmets with built-in wrist guards, and be guided by an adult.

6. Serve excellent snacks.

Proper nutrition can help kids fight off cold, and flu season, so you should strengthen their immune system with a balanced diet. Snack time is an extraordinary opportunity to sneak in some extra nutrients like sliced raw vegetables, dried and fresh fruits, yogurt, and whole-wheat crackers with cheese.

8. Get your kids prepared.

You should make sure your kids prepare an extra pair of gloves, and tissue packs tucked into their book bags. These must-haves will help prevent the spread of germs, and come in handy if a glove goes missing.

9. Heat your home safely.

Make sure your home’s heating equipment and your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors function correctly before temperatures fall below freezing. If you have a space heater, keep it out of reach from small children or, better yet, don’t use one at all.

You should take note of these tips to keep your kids safe against the cold breeze of winter. Let the cleaning experts clean your home for a more comfortable cool season.


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