I never cleaned a baseboard in my life. Truth is, I am not much a more than average cleaner. This is the bachelorette life I lived. Work and wine. Or, a lot of work and wine on the weekends (haha). This was my lifestyle.

Well, until I met someone. He’s cool. He’s fantastic. We work in the same field, which is rare, but fun. We have so much in common. He came up with this great “date night” idea. Let’s make a cool dinner together and rent a cool movie. Sounds fun! Well, at his place it will be. His place is clean and nice. Um, because he’s always at work! But, this date night will be taking place at mine.

My place isn’t bad, it’s just, well a place I’ve been at, that many others before me have lived as well. It looks okay, but is it that romantic hot spot you want to have a date at?


He’s environmentally conscious, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker. I thought, hey, why not hire a service to clean my place. This could be a little romantic getaway for us. I researched and I actually found AN ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANING SERVICE called Maids in a Minute.

Okay, so now they show up and wow! Sink, countertops, stove, bathroom, shower, toilet, baseboards, and that list keeps going. My place is so nice and clean it’s amazing! And it smells incredible. I’m almost afraid to start cooking in here based on how good it smells already.

Great money spent, and it wasn’t too tough on my purse. My biggest worry now is what movie to rent. Figure if I find something with “The Rock”in it, then  it’s win, win!

I highly recommend this service. Date night went… just like one should. I hope this helps anyone in my dilemma. Not a bad dilemma to be in, in the end.

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