How To Find The Best Maid Service in Denver

By December 17, 2016Cleaning Tips
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Finding the best maid service in Denver is not as hard as you think. If you have never used a maid service Denver, you might not exactly know what you are looking for.

Alpine Maids, a great maid service Denver, delivers all the ideal qualifications you want so it’s worth the time… and money!

  1. A perfect house cleaner is always on time OR notifies you if they are running behind in advance.
  2. One main thing that in my opinion is important, are the cleaning products they use. They care about the product and are knowledgable about what they are using. Here at Alpine Maids you can rest assured knowing our products are up to date with the EWG.
  3. A great maid service should be specialized in residential house cleaning. The equipment they are using (vacuums, mops, dusters, towels etc) should be appropriate for different surfaces.
  4. If you have a newer cleaner, you know the cleaner will be great if they make sure to ask what your specific needs and concerns are. They will make sure the most important things are taken care of and respect your things by not throwing away belongings or damaging them.
  5. The maid service pays close attention to detail. They don’t skip areas. They lift things that can easily be moved or slide them over to vacuum underneath. They don’t just vacuum around.
  6. They make your bed. Any maid service that does this, is a very considerate one.
  7. The maid service takes a little extra time to organize things that may be scattered, making piles of paper or books neat. They pick things up off the floor, fold blankets, straighten couch pillows and wipe knick-knacks free of dust and debris.
  8. If you have pets, your maid service is always considerate to vacuum the couch, cat trees or dog beds to remove hair.
  9. A great maid service is self disciplined. When they start cleaning, they have a start to finish, top to bottom system. They are efficient so time is not wasted. They are thorough every single time.
  10. And finally the most importantthe maid service has GREAT customer service skills, you trust they are honest and can trust them in your home if you are not there. If you do find a maid service you love, they respect your piece of mind enough to give you a heads up that someone new is coming. Along with that, they should stand behind a 200% satisfaction guarantee and when the maid service leaves, you should never feel like they could have done a better job.

So, if you are looking for a great Maid service Denver, you don’t have to look too far! All of Alpine’s Maids have been vetted and trained to provide the absolute best maid service in the area! If you happen to be in the Florida area and are looking for a great maid service in Tampa, check out our friends at Sudsy Buckets Cleaning to get all your cleaning needs taken care of!

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