Seven Ways to Stay Warm and Safe When It’s Super Cold

By November 19, 2018Cleaning Tips
Seven Ways to Stay Warm and Safe When It’s Super Cold

It’s that time of year again. Old Man Winter is pinching your nose, and chilling down your toes. By applying a few tricks, can help you stay warm despite the cold weather. ‘Tis the season to get cozy and warm in your home, so read on to learn more.

Check out these ways to stay warm and safe when it’s super cold!

Bundle up

Although it may seem obvious, piling on a few extra layers is an excellent way to stay warm even if you’re indoors. When temperatures dip below freezing, keeping your core warm is especially necessary, so try bundling up.

You don’t need to worry about looking bulky. There are many sporting goods companies make cold-weather gear that is slim enough to be worn even under your clothes.

Take a hot shower or bath.

A hot bath or shower can be enough to get your body back to the right level of warmth. If you find yourself just getting cold again after five minutes, make sure you’re bundled up with warm clothes, a robe, and house shoes as soon as you get out. This method will help your body retain the heat of the bath.

Indulge in foods that help you keep warm

You already understand that eating healthily in the winter is essential to fend off the flu and colds, and it might also help you keep warm, too. If you eat extra healthy fats during the winter, it can help make your metabolism active, so in turn, it heats the body. Try soups, spicy foods, hot coffee, and teas to oppose the chill!

Insulate your home.

To make sure that your home is insulated, you can do basic things, like putting up thick curtains and blankets over windows. If you want a cheaper option, cellular shades are pretty effective at keeping cold air from escaping from a window. You can also further insulate your windows and any glass doors with the help of an insulating film, which is a plastic material that is clear and adheres to any glass.

Close off unused rooms and focus on heating a central place.

It is often cheaper and simpler to focus on keeping one room warm than on keeping your entire house or apartment warm. All you have to do is figure out a single place that your family can hang out during waking hours and isolate it from the rest of the house. You can close the doors and keep them covered with blankets. Centralize your heaters to warm the room. This tip saves you from having to put a lot of effort into maintaining warm rooms that you won’t use very often.

Seal gaps that let in cold air.

Keep your eyes peeled for any gaps and hole that will let cold air into your home or even between rooms that have various levels of insulation. For example, the gap under doors may allow cold air through, as well as some windows. A quick remedy is rolling up blankets or carpets, so you can easily plug it between the gaps.

Drink something hot.

When you drink something hot, it can boost how warm you feel from the inside out. Whether it’s a Mexican coffee or a hot cup of lemon tea, turn the kettle on and break out the mugs because you’re about to get nice and toasty.

Although drinking alcohol can cause you to feel warm, it actually does the opposite. It lowers your body temperature, even though it gives you that “burning” feeling in your throat. If it’s dangerously cold in your home, you should avoid alcohol at all cost.

You can stay warm no matter how frightful the weather outside gets by using these tips. You might have heard these already, but doing these things will help you prevent any dangers from the cold when your home heating doesn’t work or it’s really, really cold. It’s better to be ready than sorry. Let your home be professionally cleaned by experts. With these professionals, it will help keep your home clean and organized.

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