Why Choose Our Professional Housekeepers

Alpine Maids offers Denver housekeeping services at affordable prices. Our reliable, top-rated housekeepers will be sure your home gets the clean it needs.

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Green Everything

Our non-toxic cleaning products are so safe you can drink them. Oh, and they perform just as well as the toxic stuff.  It is our culture to do everything possible to minimize all waste.

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English speaking

All of our cleaners from the team lead to our trainees speak fluent, clear English.

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Transparent pricing

Our prices are available on our website through the booking form, and are based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home.

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Customized cleaning

We keep detailed notes on your home and they only grow as time goes on.  Your cleanings will only get better as time goes on.

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Customer support

We’re are always here for you. You can reach us via phone, chat, or email. If we can’t answer we’ll get to you in less than 10 minutes during business hours.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We think you are going to love our service. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, we will come back and make things 100% perfect.

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Need Housekeeping in Denver?

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“We’ve got you covered here at Alpine Maids!”

We like to focus on QUALITY, so you trust us to get your home looking new again. (or keep it looking new!) Our trained teams work hard to meet your expectations each and every time. Plus, we back all of our work with a 200% satisfaction guarantee!

What’s included with your housekeeping service?

The question for you is: what do you need to be cleaned? Alpine Maids allows customers to customize their cleaning to their exact needs!

We understand each of our clients has different requests, so we made it easy for you to get the exact cleaning you need, right online!

What type of  “extras” do you recommend?

This will really depend on the “type” of cleaning you need. We do typically recommend a deep cleaning for all first-time clients – just because it takes a little bit of extra work to get some of those neglected areas, and we want to make sure we have enough time to get your home back to 100%!

Our customizable cleanings also make us the “go-to” for Move Out/Move in cleaning services in Denver! We can do all the things on your landlords’ checklist, such as: inside the fridge, inside the oven, inside cabinets, windows, blinds and of course an overall deep cleaning of your entire home.

What products do you use? 

Alpine Maids is an eco-friendly cleaning service that is green seal approved. We believe in using products that are safe for your family, and your pets! Plus, nobody likes the smell of those harsh cleaning chemicals…let us get you home clean with our green products!

Can I really book my appointment online?

Yes indeed! We understand it’s a hassle having someone come out, just to give you a price…..we don’t make you deal with that nonsense.

You can simply tell us the size of your home, add the extras you need, and book your housekeeping Denver online in 60 seconds!

Do you need regular cleaning in Denver?

We have a strong reputation in Denver for our recurring cleaning services! We take a little bit different approach to things and make sure we get your home 100% clean, 100% of the time.

Alpine Maids is committed to providing high-quality service and does frequent quality checks to ensure all of our technicians are staying up to spec.

If you are every dissatisfied for any reason; please just let us know and we will always make sure you are taken care of!

Quality is important to us!

After each cleaning, we send out a survey for you to complete. No, you don’t “have to” fill out the survey’s, however, we do encourage feedback! This is actually one of the reasons we are referred to as one of the best housekeeping companies in Denver.

We look forward to keeping your home clean for you! 🙂