What time do I need to be at work?

8am most days

7:40am on meeting days

One day per week you will need to meet with a manager for your scheduled check-in between 7:30 and 8am

When do I clock in?

You clock in when you get to the office or at 8AM–whichever is later.  You are expected to load quickly and arrive at your first home by 8:30am.  If you want to hang out and eat breakfast, please do, but please arrive early.  You cannot be clocked in if you are not loading your gear and trying to get out the door.

How do I check my quality?

follow THIS GUIDE.

How much notice do I need to give for a day off?

One week notice for 2 days or less and 2 weeks notice for more than 2 days off.  We can still count your day off as excused as long as you try to give us some sort of notice.  We know that things come up and if we can easily re-arrange the schedule we will not count your day off as unexcused.

How do I sanitize my toilet brush?

Just drop it in the bleach bucket in the supply room at the end of the day and grab it the following morning.

Are Tuesday meetings mandatory?

Yes they are.  This is the only time that we meet as a group and can get across anything important that you need to know about what’s going on!

How do tips work?

Tips are split completely evenly among everybody that works on or helps with a clean.  This is the only way that we can split them.

How does cross-checking work?

Both you and your partner should grab a checklist and check the areas that your partner cleaned to the list as well as look out for obvious buildup.  Even if you guys have been having great flow for a long time and having no issues getting out of homes, you should cross check at least once per day to make sure that you aren’t missing anything.

How do I clean hard floors?

Wood floors result in the majority of our customer complaints and they take the most work out of anything that we do!  On most of our homes that we visit every week or every other week we can get away with using our floor cleaner and mop pads.  Not all homes are this easy, and a few pets or kids will require a bit more effort.

On first time cleans and homes that have older or just have a few pets, you will want to soak your mop pads in the kitchen sink with water as hot as you can stand it.  Add a few small drops of dawn.  Use one mop pad for about every 500 sq ft of floor.  Once you have gone over all of the floors, grab a paper towel from the kitchen and check the area in front of the sink.  If your paper towel comes up dirty, then do it again!  Once you have gone over the floors twice, if you still have dirty paper towels then please leave a note letting the client know exactly how you cleaned the floors and how many times you went over them.  This will always prevent any complaints!