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  • Email Test: Respond to this complaint

    You work for Alpine Maids, and you received an email from a customer with an issue. She's accusing the company of causing damage to her property. Read the email and related info below. Write your response as if you are responding to her. Note: There's no wrong answer.

    Email Complaint:

    Subject: Damage to TV
    Email Body: Hi Alpine,

    I noticed some streaks on my TV after our cleaning last week. We have been out of town, and I just noticed them today. The streaks on the TV were not present until right after the cleaning team left on Thursday, 12/05/19.

    We called VIZIO who instructed us to use rubbing alcohol and microfiber towels to remove the streaks. We tried this to no avail. The streaks are not removable. I do have a warranty on the TV, but Best Buy is telling me that any streaking is 100% from cleaning and not covered.

    Can you please let me know how we can get this resolved?


    Background Information:

    Team's account of what happened: You speak to the team who cleaned the customer's home Yesterday. They tell you that they cleaned the TV with all purpose cleaner (we know this cleaner to not cause any damage and regularly clean TVs with it). They say they did not notice anything unusual and cleaned it as they always do.

    We had a trainer run out and inspect the TV and confirm the damage is present and not removable.

    Your Resources: We can spend up to the full price of a new TV for them. We can also offer free services (costs us less than a refund), or other creative ways to handle the situation. We are all about creative resolutions here!

    Other Things to know: We are very casual here. We have a close personal relationship with our clients and are a friendly company overall. We don't use Sir, Ma'am, etc. *Write from your heart* 🙂

    Pro-Tips: Use empathy when responding. Don't offer a solution to a problem they don't have. Your response should be easy to read and understand.

    *Bonus Points If: You can solve this in a way that makes the customer happy and doesn't lose any money or loses the least amount of money possible while keeping the client happy! 🙂
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