Damage / Theft Investigation Client Pre-Tech Follow Up

Call the client and fill this out
  • Instructions
    1. Listen!! Show empathy. Say "I am so sorry, this is so upsetting! The good news is that we always make sure that our clients are happy and we do the right thing. We always encourage our techs to report damages. They know that they will never be in trouble for damaging an item, but if they damage anything and do not report it, termination is our only option. To date, we have never had to terminate anybody for this. We have a really good process for resolving this. I have my report form open and am going to get started right now. Some questions may not be relevant or you already answered them, but I do need to ask all of them."
    2. Fill out 1-6. Do not leave anything out. Repeat back to the client as you fill.
    3. If possible, arrange to visit the client and help them look. This is not an option if we are packed with work, but a good option if we can.
    4. Find out who cleaned on the dates in question. Fill in question 9.
    5. Copy and Slack this process to TM and have them read it.
    6. Talk to each TM individually. Fill out Damage/Theft report for each TM under investigation.
    7. Cooperate fully with Police if this is a theft accusation.
    8. Follow up w/ client if any new information is given. Let Police handle all legal info. Fill out part 2 of the client facing form on each update.
    9. Do your best to do what is best for the TM--especially if they are suspicious and/or guilty. Get assistance if necessary.
    10. File all reports for review with ops manager.
    11. If tech admits to damages after the fact, forward to ops manager to deliver written warning. We warn one time when damages are not reported. On the second incident, they are terminated and damages are subtracted from final check.