7 Cleaning Games For Your Kids To Help With The Chores

Cleaning seems challenging, but it could be a child’s play— literally! Letting your children take part in the housework while playing is an excellent way to introduce them to your household’s cleaning chores. In this blog, you will find seven cleaning games to play with your kids. You will get help, and they will have a fun time; it’s a win-win!

1. Clean to the music

First, you need to play your child’s favorite song; then, put him to work on any chore and stop the tune whenever you like. The rules are simple: when the music stops, no one moves. If you have more than one child, you can make it a little more competitive by prompting them to go faster when music plays and stay still when it’s stopped. 

2. I spy… something dirty!

If you have children, indeed you have played “I spy” with them. You can use this game for tidying a room or clearing the table after a meal. For example, if you want to pick up toys from the floor, be sure that your children know where the allocated area is to put them (a basket or a toy trunk). Then, say “I spy…” and your children will collect the toys until the floor is clear. 

3. Cleaning race

This is a competitive cleaning game by default. What you will do is instruct your children on an even task by splitting one chore (like tidying one half of the couch or folding one basket of clean clothes). The one that finishes first wins.

4. Chore robot

To play this game, ask your child to pretend to be a robot programmed to obey all your commands. Making yourself speak in a funny computer voice will surely get your child into the game. Make sure to break the cleaning task into simple steps for the robot to follow. This game is excellent for introducing your child to new chores avoiding tedious instructions.

5. Chore dice

Make a list of up to twelve numbered cleaning chores appropriate for your kid. Let your child throw the dice to settle their next duty. The dice number will decide the cleaning chore; this way, your child is less likely to refuse. To make the game cooler, you could draw a board game where every assignment is a space.

6. Time trial cleaning

Set a timer and ask your child to finish the task before the time runs out. You can pretend that you are escaping a spaceship, defusing a bomb, or making some spell (deciding the story will depend on your child’s interests). You can read the timer out loud, but be careful not to bring too much tension to the game.

7. Let the butler take care of the chores

In this game, your child will pretend to be a character from a cartoon or movie, for example, Alfred (the butler of Batman) or Cinderella. Cleaning will be part of the role-playing.

Now it’s time to play and clean! Next time you need help with your chores, let your kids lend you a hand with these easy and fun cleaning games. Housework can be fun for you too, but if you want to treat yourself and take some time off, let Alpine Maids help! Check out our services and book with us on our website