Our live review board from our clients, updated daily.

We send every single customer a review after each and every cleaning.  We ask for one thing; an honest reviews of the day’s cleaning.  While the overwhelming majority of our reviews go straight to the brag baord, you may see that we missed something here and there.  Please know that we reach out to any customer that rates us less than 3 stars to see exactly what we can do to turn their clean into a 4 star glowing review!

Apr 13, 2018

I greatly appreciate the attention to small details like vacuuming the crevices between the wall and carpet to eliminate accumulated dust. Your staff goes beyond the obvious attitude of "it looks clean" to making sure it is clean. Thanks for the great service, Terry

- Terry (Highlands Ranch)

Apr 13, 2018

Very efficient in a job well done. Same cleaners next time please.

- Grant (Denver)

Apr 10, 2018

Krystal, Danielle, and Chase were great!

- Richard (Denver)

Apr 10, 2018

Each member of the team was professional, pleasant and conscientious in their work. I would be happy to have them again.

- Tami (Denver)

Apr 2, 2018

(My apologies, I filled this out the day I received the email, but was sidetracked and don't believe I ever sent. If I did, please disregard.) Overall, I was very happy with the service. Sherri was pleasant, conscientious and obviously takes pride in her work. A great representative for the company. Would recommend your service. I moved to Colorado for health reasons and am in the apartment (in bed) 95% of the day. So, it's important to me that my home environment be very clean. As Sherri noted, I do keep the apt very clean. Plus, I don't have furniture, TV, bookcases, knicknacks or anything that needs to be worked around or dusted. Just a bed and two plastic nightstands. This enables time for cleaning the areas I really need help with. I am legally disabled - neck/spinal injury and don't have use of left arm. So, there are several things I cannot physically handle (PT has forbid me from vacuuming again!). I explained to Sherri that my priorities are: 1) Truly clean floors (scrubbed beyond what I can do with dry/wet swiffer) 2) Vacuum - especially carpet and under bed. 3) Clean bathtub/shower walls. My only critique would be a little better job vacuuming. Found water bottle under bed and areas missed. And I'll admit I was a little concerned with how often the walls were banged into with vacuum. Don't want to be responsible for dealing with marks/etc. Overall, I'm happy new customer. Looking forward to my future service (every other week), to be equally professional and thorough. Best, Ronni Heyman P.S. When booking online, I was asked about including a tip. I do tip, but prefer to wait until after the job is completed.

- Ronni (Lone Tree)

Apr 10, 2018

Manny was great! Thanks for the attention to the floors and bathrooms, in particular.

- Laura (Denver)

Mar 29, 2018

They were just finishing up in the kitchen (the floor) when I returned from an appointment. It looked to me as if they weren't going to move the table to sweep and mop underneath it. (It's a pedestal table with legs that things get underneath and you don't see them unless you move the table - it's on wheels and east to move) I pushed the table out of the way so they could get underneath. Maybe they would have done it anyway, but it didn't look like it to me. Other than that, I was very pleased. Look forward to the next cleaning on the 19th! Sally Farrell

- Sally (Centennial)

Apr 6, 2018

Sherri and Danielle were excellent . Very happy with them!

- Mike (Denver)

Apr 9, 2018

The two women did a thorough and complete job. We are very happy with your service.

- Earl (Centennial)

Apr 9, 2018

The house looked great when they were done with it and the ladies were so friendly and professional!!!

- Nikki (Littleton)

Apr 6, 2018

Silvia was excellent! Thank you!

- Kelly (Denver)

Apr 6, 2018

Thank you for the excellent job!

- Max (Aurora)

Apr 5, 2018

I was so impressed with the cleaning! I have had other cleaners before and these girls blew them all away. The ease of scheduling and communicating as well as the professionalism was also appreciated. I will definitely be scheduling some more cleanings.

- Jessica (Denver)

Apr 5, 2018

We are very pleased with the job Sherri & Manny did today. They were very thorough and worked quickly and efficiently. We look forward to more work from these great ladies!

- Kim

Apr 5, 2018

Great. I am willing to pay for more time to get a more thorough clean, which is what happened. We added another hour of time. This allowed for time to pull furnture away from the walls. I am happy with this result.

- Tanya

Apr 4, 2018

Thanks again!

- Jennifer (Aurora)

Apr 4, 2018

Tvs , dresser, bathroom floor carpet and other little things . It was done half A_ _...

- Sean (Denver)

Apr 3, 2018

I was so happy that Krystal is back! Her and her team always do a wonderful job.

- Hana (Littleton)

Apr 3, 2018

Tori and Manny did a fantastic job! I am so very happy with your company! Lindsey

- Lindsey (Denver)

Apr 3, 2018

Mireya did a fabulous job! The house just sparkles :)

- Kristen