About Us

OK, what makes us so special?  We’re just another maid service, right?

A Maid Graduatiing From Training

It’s our people.  We could not be Denver’s most awarded house cleaners without them!  We hire one out of 140 applicants (less than 1%) and put them through a rigorous month long training process and they do not graduate until they pass all written and in-home exams.  And yes, we literally give them a cap and candy bar and graduate them from training.  Here is a picture of Marie graduating 🙂 . She’s awesome!

Once they are cleaning experts, we treat them like royalty.  They have perks that most jobs at this level can’t offer like Kaiser health insurance, matching 401k, up to 10 days PTO, and their raises and promotion through our company are dependent on their performance not only in your home, but in their own education and growth.  Yes, we literally make them read books and take classes outside of work. Our goal is to make sure that by the time they leave Alpine Maids, they have received the equivalent experience of a college education.  Long story short, a better quality of life for our cleaners encourages them to take pride and ownership in cleaning your home.  And we also use the best Green Seal Certified products, and the latest cleaning methods to do it.

Secondly, we care. Alpine Maids was founded to be Denver’s best maid service delivering world class customer service. We don’t just say that either. We want to impress you at every turn and leave you with a smile. Need to contact us? No problem. You can reach us any time during business hours, by calling, text, email, or live chat. Need to book Denver’s best maid service? We can do that for you or you can take advantage of how simple and easy we made it to book online.  Whatever is best for you.

Lastly comes the best maid service in Denver. Alpine Maids uses trained professionals. We will clean your home, and if you aren’t happy, we will re-clean your home for free. Period. That’s a 100% guarantee. You have nothing to lose and we will be right there with you the entire way. We aren’t happy unless you’re happy.

Our Story

Alpine Maids Founders Chris and Alyssa

Hi, I am Chris, the owner of Alpine Maids.  Alpine Maids started in July, 2015 when I was unable to find maids that would show up on time and deliver consistent quality. As a former geologist working long hours in Denver’s Oil and Gas industry, my hectic lifestyle left me and my family with little free time, and we wanted to make the best of that time. That’s why I started Denver’s highest rated (threebestrated.com) maid service. Whether you are a parent or a busy professional, Alpine Maids gives you a convenient solution to keeping your home in order. We believe in providing a great workplace and paying a fair living wage to our cleaners in order to ensure that they treat your home with the upmost respect.  I am always looking forward to hearing from you.

Our Advantage

It was our goal to build a cleaning company that we’d want to do business with ourselves. To do that we strive to impress you with every level of the cleaning process; beginning with the booking, followed by the customer service, and ending with the maid service itself.

The Advantages of Alpine Maids

What make our cleaning company better than all those other guys?

  • The Best Maids:

    We don’t just say this.  We run lean and pay our employees a living wage that is higher than our competition.  Living in Denver is expensive and we want to make sure that your team can survive.

  • High Standards:

    Our standards are so high that only 1 in 140 applicants are selected to work for us. After we hire somebody we invest 30 days of training into them until you are 100% ready to trust them in your home.

  • Protection:

    We’re insured to $2,000,000 and bonded so you’re always safe.  We also use non-toxic Green Seal Certified products to keep you, your family, and your pets safe.

  • Customer Service:

    We want to impress you at every step.  You can reach us online or on the phone any time.  If you have questions, we have answers.  We are here for you.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

    It happens very rarely, but we are human, and sometimes things are missed.  If you’re not happy for any reason, we will come back within seven days and make it right. Guaranteed!

Our 100% guarantee

Back in the old days companies made sure you were happy. With Alpine Maids, those days back! So if you’re not happy with your cleaning, we will come back and make things right. Not only will we make it right, but we will pick through your home room by room to make sure that absolutely everything is perfect!