7 Phenomenal Cleaning Tips To Turn That Dirty Kitchen Around

Let’s face it, our lives are jam-packed with a million things to finish and not enough hours to do it all! Our jobs, our kids, errands, grocery shopping, lunches, dinners, and cleaning the house! It never ends! In my house, the kitchen by far gets the most traffic and seems to get dirty as soon as it gets clean. I decided to sit down and think of 7 simple and quick ways to solve some of the most frequent problems I come across!. And this is what I came up with!

1) Getting rid of those pesky fruit flies


We’ve all been there! Those nasty little bugs appear and are nearly impossible to make disappear! The answer has been so simple all along! LEMONS! That’s right, simply cut lemon in half and place them in the oven. Leave the oven door propped open overnight The next morning shut the oven door and turn the broiler on for about 5 minutes. Turn it off and let it cool. When cool throw the lemons away and clean the bottom of the oven! Bye, bye flies!

2) Remove hard water deposits


The answer is vinegar! Use only VINEGAR! Use it to dissolve the calcium deposits making them easier to remove! No more looking at those annoying stains around your sink. It’s that easy!

3) Get the gunk off your cabinets… NO CHEMICALS!


For this chore, I use a DIY solution. BAKING SODA is the trick! Use one part vegetable oil and two parts baking soda, this will create the perfect solution to get rid of the build-up! Simply use a sponge or toothbrush to gently clean the outside of the cabinets.

4) Keep the bright, white sink


I love my white sink, but boy does it show everything! No matter how much we clean and scrub those stains still cling! What’s the answer… again BAKING SODA! This time we are going to use baking soda combined with a lemon wedge. Sprinkle the baking soda all over the sink and use the lemon wedge as the sponge! Viola!

5) Take care of that hardworking KitchenAid


I don’t know about you, but we use our KitchenAid all the time! It’s great, but there are lots of nooks and crannies that are often forgotten! Take a toothpick or skewer and clean out the cracks and the attachment latch. Afterward, wipe down the entire machine with a cloth.

6) Discolored and dirty grout


This is a problem throughout not only the bathroom but the kitchen as well. We especially have a problem with our backsplash. This two-step solution is truly a lifesaver! First, make a paste using baking soda and water. Apply to the grout and let it sit. Then, spray with vinegar. This will cause it to fizz. Lastly, scrub with a toothbrush and enjoy!

7) Make your kitchen smell clean


Sometimes no matter how much we clean our house it never “smells” clean! This is where we again turn to VINEGAR! Simmer some right on your stove. This will help clear the air, and return it to a neutral, clean scent!

I hope these simple techniques that I use around my home help you manage your kitchen with your busy schedule! These have truly been a life-changer for me! I finally feel like there is at least one thing I have control of in my crazy life!