Are Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products Better for You?

Unrecognizable Woman Holding Eco Friendly Products for Home Cleaning

It’s 2021. Society recognizes the problems humans are causing to the environment. Nowadays, you’re likely to see shelves full of unharmful versions of most products out there. Naturally, eco-friendly cleaning products are grabbing more attention every day. Users are aware of the problems regular products can cause to themselves and the environment.

Releasing harmful toxins in their living space is no longer an option. That’s why we see a rise in the popularity of environmentally friendly cleaning products. In fact, so much that you can hire an eco-friendly maid service to do the cleaning for you while using healthy products.

But, are environmentally friendly cleaning products better for you? What are they, what are their advantages, and what should you avoid when picking cleaning supplies?

Read our blog and find the answers to all of those questions. 

What Are Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?

Compared to regular cleaners, eco-friendly cleaning products are made with less harmful ingredients for humans and the environment. The whole concept is based on cleaning supplies that will lower the abundance of toxins we release into nature every day.

The government still hasn’t defined what “green” or “eco-friendly” strictly means. Some manufacturers may use these vague terms to advertise their products as such, while their ingredients fail to meet the expectations of many users. That’s why you should be careful and only pick the brands you can trust. 

The average residential maid service may not use environment-friendly products. But, if you hire an eco-friendly maid service, you can expect them to have top-quality merchandise. 

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Which Chemicals Should You Avoid?

Don’t forget to check the label next time you shop for cleaning products. There is a big difference in the ingredients of products that just advertise as “green” compared to real environmentally friendly cleaning products.

If you’re considering hiring a residential maid service be on the lookout for the usage of these products::

  • Surfactants

Though they may irritate your skin, surfactants mostly cause damage to animals. So, if you have pets, definitely avoid products that include them.

This ingredient is used for its antibacterial properties. However, it can weaken your immune system and isn’t recommended for humans.

  • Plasticizers and BPA

They are potentially harmful to the aquatic ecosystem.

What Are the Advantages of Using Eco-Friendly Products?

More and more customers are turning towards eco-friendly products every day. But why is that? Here are some of the most valuable benefits these products have:

  • They Prevent Health Issues

People who use regular products are exposed to so many different toxins throughout the day, that they don’t even notice how many problems they cause on a daily basis. Only when you stop using them can you notice the lack of headaches, sneezing, or surprising rashes.

  • You Don’t Have to Worry About Your Kids

Most regular cleaning products are hazardous to kids. The label strictly states to keep out of reach, but you never know, right? Toddlers grab onto things without reading the label. So, why live in a world of fear? Hire an eco-friendly maid service to do the cleaning for you, and stop thinking about labels and toxins.

  • They Are Good for the Environment

Act locally, right? So many people clean every day and we could be harming the environment a bit less just by going for eco-friendly products, so why not?

  • They Might Cost Less

We are past the days where eating healthy, or buying environment-friendly products is more expensive. With more competition, the prices have gone down so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on cleaning products.

If You Don’t Feel Like Cleaning

Some people just don’t like cleaning. If you aren’t in the mood, don’t have time to clean, or want the pros to do it for you, contact us at Alpine Maids and schedule one of our services. You can trust that your family, your pets, and your home will be safe with us.