Before Hiring Any House Cleaning Services, Be Aware Of These 7 Common Cleaning Mistakes

By December 12, 2016Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning Services house cleaning servicesIt is safe to say hiring house cleaning services is the most effortless way to keep your home clean. Cleaning  is not the easiest thing to do… if you have never done it. One day when you take a look around the house and notice it could use a good cleaning, be aware of these common cleaning mistakes that can either ruin your things or cross contaminate surfaces.

1.You can use vinegar on everything

Tread carefully! Vinegar is acidic. Keep it away from granite/stone/marble. Sealed and waxed wood furniture is also a big no-no. The acid from vinegar strips the seal right off.

2.  Dusting with a dry cloth

Have you ever dusted something and it just keeps flying around?! Well there is nothing to pick the dust up. I like to use a wood polish. Just fold a VERY DAMP dust cloth in half, then fold again…spray a very light, non-greasy wood polish onto the towel(disperse evenly) and wipe! I like to have a dry cloth as well.

3.  Using the wrong tools

Using something too abrasive on the wrong surface can be irredeemable. You can easily have scratched stainless steel and a scratched stove top, so before you try to clean a surface you have never cleaned and are unsure how to, do your research.  Also, floors are a common thing people get wrong when cleaning and end up with too much water beneath the cracks. Just Google how to care for whatever surface floor you have and abide accordingly.

Here some reviews for the top 5 best vacuums for laminate floors: to save you some time 🙂

4.  Not letting the product do it’s job

Don’t just spray and wipe right away. Especially in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. When spraying off that chopping board, or cleaning the tub and shower make sure you spray and let the cleaner sit for a few minutes. It will be more antibacterial and cut grime easier.

5. Forgetting to clean notorious germ-filled areas

Professional house cleaning services always remember to get the details. Door knobs, light switches, outlets, the toilet flush handle…the list can go on! When you have little ones, their hands are on everything everywhere and then into their mouths. Make sure you keep light switches, toys, and other surfaces wiped down with an anti-bacterial cleaning product.

6. Giving yourself a break once in awhile

 house cleaning servicesSure, getting your house cleaned professionally can be very costly. If you are a person that keeps up with their cleaning well for the most part then you don’t need to hire a regular housekeeper. When you need a more thorough cleaning and you just can’t find the time or energy to do the whole house in a day, hire a house cleaning service. This house cleaning service Oklahoma City is the perfect example of hiring a company that is worth the help – at least every once in awhile!

7.  Aaaand finally..your stained carpet cleaning habits

Spill something that’s going to stain? DO NOT spray a ton of product and scrub! Take a white terry cloth or paper towel (preferably Bounty) and soak up AS MUCH of that spill as possible. Scrubbing damages the fiber and forces the stain deeper. Use a light but effective carpet cleaner.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be rocket science. With a little research and following the directions of a product, you can clean anything!



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