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Alpine Maids offers the most award winning and consistent maid services in Denver for you your family and pets! We offer whole home cleanings based on the same checklist that you can find below. We also offer custom cleanings to conform to whatever your home requires!

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Maid Cleaning Checklist

Initial and deep cleaning items are marked with 

Always included
Denver’s most awarded cleaners
HEPA filtered vacuums with Complete Seal Technology®
Eco-friendly Green Seal Certified products by Denver based Ecolab
Premium color-coded microfiber cloths by Microfiber Wholesale
Quick support from a real human in Denver
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Kitchen cleaning
Bathroom cleaning
All rooms
Bedroom cleaning
Laundry area
Living room / office cleaning
Move in/out cleaning
Women from maid cleaning service
Special Care
Clean inside oven ($51)
Clean inside fridge ($64)
Clean interior windows & tracking ($5 each)
Wash one load linens ($21)
Hand wipe blinds ($15 each)
Clean dishes and load washer ($21 each)
You can enter any special instructions in the designated box when booking online, or on the phone. Special instructions only need to be given one time before they are entered into notes made especially for your home.


Not included in our service
Moving appliances (fridge, oven washer/dryer, etc) Areas higher than the 2nd step of a step ladder
Cleaning while other contractors are present in a home Cleaning exterior of home
Chandelier cleaning Cleaning any part of a home exterior
Cleaning of mold, bodily fluids, pet waste & vomit, etc. Wiping light bulbs
Organizing High levels of trash or clutter
Scrubbing of painted walls Haul trash off-site

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Not included in our service
Moving appliances (fridge, oven washer/dryer, etc)
Cleaning while other contractors are present in a home
Chandelier cleaning
Cleaning of mold, bodily fluids, pet waste & vomit, etc.
Scrubbing of painted walls
Areas higher than the 2nd step of a step ladder
Cleaning dishes
Cleaning any part of a home exterior
Wiping light bulbs
High levels of trash or clutter
Haul trash off-site

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Our Cleaning Packages

Cleaner spraying Mirror

Our first time cleaning your home takes little extra time to get your home to 100%! We get all of the hard to reach areas.

Cleaners Deep Cleaning Kitchen

This is the same same thing as our first time clean, but it can be added to any recurring service. We will hit every item on our list and a little more 🙂

Boxes and chair ready for move-out

A beginning or end of tenancy house cleaning, including the insides of all closets, cabinets, drawers, inside the refrigerator/freezer, inside your oven, and all surfaces.

A kid with a spray bottle for deep cleaning

Our regular house cleaning to keep your home looking great. We will deep clean two rooms each and every visit.  All other rooms will be cleaned to our standard clean specs on the list above.  We can always make changes as you see fit like picking rooms to deep clean each visit.

Maid Service: A Q&A About our Cleaning Services

You may be asking yourself, “what is the difference between an ongoing maid service and a one-time cleaning service?”

Our deep cleaning service is made for you if you have not had a professional maid service out in the past month, or if you have never had professional maid services in the past.  Basically, our job is to get your home back to square one and ready for an ongoing maid service to keep it that way forever.  No more cleaning again, ever!  No worries if you are not looking for ongoing service.  We’d love to help you with your spring cleaning each year!

Once we begin ongoing service, our maids will be deep cleaning two rooms per visit each and every visit.  We use technology to make sure that we always rotate two completely different rooms to deep clean each and every visit.  It’s complicated, but we’re tracking it!

We use non-toxic Green Seal Certified products by EcoLab on each and every clean.  Our products are safe for you, your home, your family, and your pets :). Our company is an ARCSI member so we know what we are doing as far as cleaning chemistry and reactions.  What does that mean for you?  All of our products are safe to use on your floors, natural stone (even marble), and all of the other surfaces and materials in your Denver home. Have questions?  Give us a call, and we’ll address all of them.

Want to know the secret to detailed cleaning every time? It’s to send as few cleaners as possible!  We used to clean in teams every time, and I can tell you from experience that sending more cleaners to your home can only result in more going wrong.  “Did you get the bedroom?”  “I think Brett did!”  “OK, let’s go.”  Ugh. I feel terrible, but that happened all of the time.  I find that one cleaner can always accomplish more cleaning than a team.  Our silly term for it around here is the Cleaner’s Paradox.  OK, it’s not really a paradox.  The more cleaners you have in a home, the more time they spend deciding who does what and checking over each other’s shoulders instead of cleaning. One person can only clean so much space so we do try to cap solo cleaners to 5 hours.

If you think that a maid service is right for you, and you are in the Denver area — schedule your appointment today!

Live Customer Reviews

Oct 8, 2020

Totally Happy!!

- Erin (Denver)

Oct 6, 2020

Nichole is amazing and always leaves our home sparkling and us happy!

- Marie (Denver)

Oct 5, 2020

Kayley had a great demeanor and did a very nice job, thank you!

- Renee (Denver)


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How often should I get my house cleaned?

Obviously, this completely depends on you and your home.  We always recommend every two weeks cleaning service if you have pets, a family, or just never have time to clean up after little messes!  No worries, if that’s too much for you.  An every 4 week service will keep your home just as clean, but a little less often.  Some rooms could go a while without a deep clean, but we’ll still keep everything looking decent.  Never want your home to be dirty again?  Go for a weekly clean, and we’ll keep up on deep clean rooms so often that your entire home will look spotless each time.  We often rotate different parts of your home for weekly cleans.  We can add the basement every other clean, hit the main level and master bed/bath each visit, or anything else that fit’s your needs!

Our recurring cleaning services are perfect for busy families or people that simply don’t have time to clean! (or just don’t want to 🙂)