Streak-Free Window Cleaning – Useful Tips


If you have been postponing your widow and mirror cleaning, it’s time to get it over with. No matter if you expect guests or not, cleaning windows should be on your to-clean list at least once a month. We know how boring it can be, but you’ll be glad once you finish. This chore can be an easy one if you know how to do it and with a few useful tips to help you. Stay tuned and we’ll show you how to have spotlessly clean windows and mirrors in no time!

Do a Thorough Preparation 

Preparing thoroughly for this streak-free window cleaning task is not hard, but requires some time and effort from you. Before you start cleaning your glass surfaces with a proper cleaner, it’s a good idea to divide your cleaning area into three parts – the kitchen, the bathroom, and the outdoors. Each comes with some specific cleaning problem – accumulated dirt and grease in the kitchen, soap scum and toothpaste stains in the bathroom, and weather-stained glass on the outside. 

Before you start cleaning the windows, give them all a good rinse, and make sure to remove all the dirt, grease, and stains. This is just a preparation for the real-deal cleaning, so don’t worry if your windows are not exactly streak-free.

Opt For Good Cleaning Products

To have streak-free windows, you should choose a good cleaning product. You have a few different options that all do a great job of achieving this goal. You have specialized windows and mirror cleaners that can be bought in any store, but if you’re keener on using an eco-friendly option, there are some great homemade recipes as well. 


Use Appropriate Clothes

When you are getting ready for your window-cleaning task, try to supply yourself with good clothes that are appropriate for glass. If you decide to use paper towels, you will most definitely end up with lint-covered glass and you will have to give your windows and mirrors another thorough cleaning session. 

For streak-free window cleaning, opt for low-lint towels, microfiber, and chamois cloths. These will do a great job and clean your windows nicely leaving no streaks behind. You can buy these at any store and have stack if you have to do some emergency window-cleaning. 

Finally, if you’re out of clothes, you can reach for old newspaper because they are great for cleaning glass purposes. Don’t worry about the stains because the newspaper ink won’t be transferred to glass. However, be mindful of surrounding wooden surfaces, they can be stained with the ink.

Wipe Your Windows Properly

The final tip on how to clean windows streak-free has to do with your technique. if you don’t pay attention to how you wipe your windows, no cleaner or cloth will make them streak-free. Try to use circular motions while cleaning windows. After that opt for horizontal and vertical motions to make sure you’ve got it all. Changing the direction will help remove any leftover marks and stains. Once the sunlight hit your freshly-cleaned windows, you’ll see the fruits of your hard work! 

Having streak-free windows is not a difficult task, but requires some effort from you. If you feel you’re not up for this challenge yet, you can contact us at Alpine Maids and have your windows cleaned by a professional cleaning service in Denver, CO. We specialize in housekeepingresidential cleaning, and deep cleaning all while using eco-friendly products. Contact us today and leave the hard work to us!