The Best Way to Clean Oven Racks


Cleaning a dirty oven is a homeowner’s worst nightmare and many put this off until the very last moment. Ovens get dirty easily, especially when used often, however, even if you turn them on every once in a while, the dirt and grease accumulate, making the cleaning process much more difficult. 

To make the process of cleaning oven racks easier and quicker, you should do it regularly. Accumulated dirt and grease can sometimes be hard to remove, so stay tuned for 5 best ways to clean your oven in no time! 

How to Clean Oven Racks

The type of oven you have shouldn’t stop you from cleaning it thoroughly and regularly. It might be a boring chore to do, but it can help you spend less time in the long run. Some of the best and easiest methods for cleaning the oven racks include the following: 

  • Baking Soda and Vinegar Wash

The best way to clean the oven racks is to put them in the bathtub and sprinkle them with some baking soda. Baking soda acts both as a cleanser and a deodorizer and is not harmful to you and your health. After sprinkling baking soda over the racks, you should douse them with some white vinegar and wait until the foaming stops. 


Once the foam has stopped, pour some hot water over the racks covering them completely, and let them sit overnight. In the morning, use a dishtowel and an old toothbrush to clean the dirt and the grease. If you need a more abrasive oven rack cleaner, add some kosher salt and scrub thoroughly. 

  • Dishwasher Liquid and Dryer Sheets for Easy Cleaning

This is an easy and effortless way to clean your oven racks. Place some dryer sheets in your bathtub and put the oven racks on them. Once you’ve done that, pour enough warm water to cover the oven racks and add half a cup of dish soap. 

This should sit overnight and be cleaned thoroughly in the morning. First, you should drain the bathtub and then clean the racks with the dryer sheets. The antistatic in dryer sheets has the power to separate food from the racks and allow for an easier cleaning process. 

  • Making a Dishwasher Soap Bath 

Another easy way to clean oven racks involves making a dishwasher bath. The method is similar to the previous one so you won’t have any problems doing it. 

Place the oven racks on top of some old towels or sponges and pour enough warm water to cover the racks. Add some dishwasher soap and let it sit overnight. In the morning, rinse the oven racks and use a sponge to remove any leftover stains. For persistent stains, you can use the firm part of the sponge to remove them.  

  • Cleaning with a Store-Bought Oven Cleaner

Using a store-bought oven cleaner should be your last resort because it represents the most dangerous method for cleaning oven racks. If you decide to use it, make sure to clean the oven racks outside or in a well-ventilated room and use gloves to avoid direct contact with the product. 

  • Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service 

Finally, if you find all these methods too difficult, opting for a professional cleaning service in Denver might be the best way to go. At Alpine Maids, we devote ourselves to providing our customers with exceptional service. All our products are natural and eco-friendly and some of the services we can offer include housekeepingdeep cleaning, and residential cleaning. Contact us today for further information and we can make your home spotless and clean in no time! 

Regardless of the type of oven you have, you can most certainly clean it well with some of the methods we’ve mentioned here. The key to a clean oven is to clean it regularly and thoroughly, but also finding a good cleaning service that can do that instead of you.