The Importance of Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

There’s more to spring cleaning this year than just making a fresh start with a clutter-free home.

COVID-19 outbreaks have already been reduced in certain areas by increasing their personal hygiene, cleaning routines, and spending more time at home. Make cleaning easy and effective this season with our spring cleaning checklist. We can help boost your cleaning motivation in no time. 

Cleaning Motivation

Keep your immune system and mood robust by cleaning and arranging the place you spend the most time in. It’s an activity that may help you concentrate and get moving. Not to mention that cleaning is an excellent way to step away from your workplace and gather your thoughts. 

Perhaps you’re too busy to spend time spring cleaning this year. Call Alpine Maids today and schedule an appointment. We can achieve a sparkling clean home in no time. 

Cleaning Motivation

Spring Cleaning Checklist and Cleaning Motivation

1. Boost Your Body’s Defenses Against Infection

Spring is known as the rebirth of nature, symbolized by the blooming of plants in the open air. However, this time of the year may not be such a joyous occasion for allergy sufferers. 

In addition to avoiding respiratory problems and bolstering a strong immune system, a clean home may help you breathe easier by reducing allergies and dust mites. This information could be enough to spark your cleaning motivation this season. 

If you have a weak immune system or are allergic to dust mites or other allergens, these items might be immune system triggers for you. In the winter, contaminants may accumulate in your home if you don’t keep it clean, so Springtime is the perfect moment to clear out collected dust bunnies and more. 

2. Cleaning For A Healthy Immune System

As long as you keep up a regular cleaning schedule to keep your immune system healthy, spring cleaning is a good time to do a thorough clean. This is the time to clean spots that are either hard to reach or are often overlooked. For example, check out some key points you don’t want to miss when creating your spring cleaning checklist.

  • Scrub the legs of furniture, dust the tops of picture frames and mirrors, the tops of lamps and lights, and wipe the floor baseboards of stairways and window sills with a damp microfiber rag.
  • Vacuum all rugs, floors, carpets, and drapes thoroughly to remove dust and maintain a cleaner environment. 
  • You’ll want to eliminate cobwebs on the ceiling and anywhere else pesky webs hide. 
  • All bedding and blankets should be washed. To get rid of dust mites, dry pillows for 10 minutes at high heat.
  • To prevent bringing dirt and dust from the outside into your house, remove your shoes at the entrance.

3. Stress And Despair Are Lessened.

If you’re not yet convinced of the importance of spring cleaning, reducing stress may help you find your cleaning motivation. Perhaps you’re having trouble going to sleep, working from home, or just can’t seem to get out of the house. Organizing the living environment might help your mental health.

It’s possible that a clean, less congested environment can help you think, feel, and sleep better. Also, the act of sorting, rearranging, and getting rid of the surplus by discarding, giving, or recycling them is freeing. Creating a safe and clean environment can boost happiness and productivity. 

If there is a mess in the house, many of our clients say, they are less likely to concentrate on a conversation or anything else because they are preoccupied with the mess.  A calm and clutter-free house improves everyday mood and concentration. Finally, when people clean their homes, it helps to reduce stress and improve sleep.

4. Out With The Old

Don’t merely pile up your magazines or conceal your unused things beneath the bed. Sort through clothes, toiletries, and other personal belongings, including documents. We advise getting rid of things that no longer serve you to create a place for the ones that do. Keeping just the bare necessities on your nightstand can help you get a good night’s sleep and relax.

Allow yourself to be calmed by doing housework. Cleaning may give you a chance to practice being attentive to the chores you’re doing, create a pleasant mood, and clear thinking. Plus, we promise you’ll feel so good parting with items you no longer use. If you want to get rid of clothing that can still be used, consider donating it so it can serve others. 

5. Prevent Disease

Avoiding disease and limiting the transmission of viruses and germs may be achieved by regularly cleaning surfaces that are often touched or used by several persons. Check our tips to prevent disease. 

  • Cleaning your kitchen and utensils is imperative. Food safety may be improved by keeping surfaces and sinks clean, as well as equipment such as cutting boards clean. This can help prevent foodborne diseases in the home.
  • Keeping your mouth, eyes, and nose clean starts with the things you use the most. You should sterilize your phone, keyboard, sheets, and towels regularly in order to avoid contracting an illness.
  • The fridge and freezer, pantry, worktops, and cabinets should all be addressed in the kitchen. Perhaps you don’t have the time to knock everything out in one day. Each cleaning session should be scheduled for a more thorough clean if done one by one.
  • To keep surfaces from harboring new germs, do a thorough cleaning of the sink every day. You can do this easily after dish duty. You can also prevent foodborne disease and improve your health by thoroughly washing all of your veggies.
  • More regular cleaning of common areas such as restrooms and kitchens.

6. Increased Intake of Nutritious Foods and Physical Exercise

You may either make it easier or more difficult to lead an active lifestyle and eat healthfully by the design of your physical living space. Cleaning your house, being physically active, and making better eating choices all go hand in hand.

Perhaps, you’re ready to streamline your lifestyle. Spring cleaning could be the perfect time to reset your life. A new healthy lifestyle might be inspired by spring cleaning.

After a physical clean-up, it might encourage us to start cutting out what no longer serves us, such as toxic relationships or our connection to food and technology.

How to set yourself up for good habits?

  • Sharpen your knives, clean your spice rack, and arrange your pots, pans, and utensils to make cooking more appealing.
  • Organize your nutritious items at eye level in transparent containers, and keep your junk food out of sight.
  • Donate training gear you don’t use and keep your preferred apparel organized in a different drawer.
  • Open at least three times a day to let in new air and let out stale air.

7. Minimize the potential for damage

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Trusted Source, more than one-fourth of all seniors over 65 fall each year, resulting in 3 million visits to emergency rooms. For this age range, falls are the main cause of injury-related mortality.

This time of year is an excellent opportunity to make house modifications to lessen the risk of falls for yourself or an elderly relative.

Slips, stumbles, bumps, and falls may all be avoided with a tidy house. A clean road and the removal of obstructions such as backpacks, bags, and shoes may help lower the chance of accidents. Check out our tips below.

  • Prioritize clearing walkways, halls, and stairs of debris and clutter.
  • Tighten rugs and fix any other tripping hazards, such as sagging flooring.
  • Even the most agile among us are at risk of stumbling over cords. To avoid stumbling over cables, attach them to the baseboards or reroute them along the wall.
Spring Cleaning Checklist

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