What To Expect In A Home Disinfecting Service? 4 Essentials That Alpine Maids Cover


Many people have returned to a more normal routine but keep following the health measures to prevent COVID-19. In adapting to this “new” normal, we might struggle more to keep up with our disinfecting chores at home. Workers that are back in their offices or moms that have to take their children to school may have less time to clean and disinfect.

Disinfecting a house has become an essential and expert-required job in 2020. Alpine Maids offers reliable and effective home disinfection services for all homeowners that want to stay safe during the pandemic. If you want to know how we work, and how we protect your health, keep reading this blog post.

Focus on high-touch areas

Doing a full home cleaning and disinfection isn’t always necessary to prevent sickness and infections. By focusing on specific surfaces and areas of your home, we significantly reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 and being affected by other pathogens. What’s high-touch point disinfection? Our cleaners focus on the objects and surfaces you most touch in your home. Some of these touch-points areas are the same in every home: doorknobs, light switches, faucets, counter tables, dinner tables, and more, but we also consider the ones that are not so common, like knick-knacks, stereo bottoms, remote controls, handles, railings, and more. We provide a 51 point home disinfection for Denver area residents.

Adequate chemicals

When hiring a professional home disinfection service, you should expect the proper cleaning products and staff who know how to use them. Alpine Maids uses accelerated hydrogen peroxide and quaternary cleaners, long with hospital-grade protocols, to ensure safe and adequate sanitation. We know that natural cleaning products don’t always work against coronaviruses, that’s why our home disinfection service was updated for the pandemic. 

Cross-contamination protocols

When we talk about cross-contamination, we mean that our employees take special care not to transfer pathogens and germs from one surface to another, always using sanitized equipment and doing the different tasks in a specific order. For example, all of our microfibers rags, mop pads, and other cleaning tools are well sanitized before and after entering a new home. Our cleaning cloths are color-coded, ensuring that every color corresponds to a different area of a home. 

Well-trained staff

Alpine Maids’ staff is well-trained for the “New Normal” and the coronavirus. Enhanced safety measures occur every day, from the moment we enter a new home to the last table wiped. Our cleaners only contact two houses per day and use digital communication channels to reduce as much as possible direct contact with clients. Every day since the pandemic started, we follow other good practices, like checking the staff’s health, keeping distance between workers, using face masks, and other official recommendations.

If you have any doubts about our service, please contact us at (720) 507 6208, and we gladly respond to all your questions. If you want to book your home disinfecting service, you can do it directly on our website.